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            Precision, Intelligence, Advanced, Reliable

            Full-digital AC Servo Driver

            The DSP+FPGA architecture is adopted to speed up data acquisition and processing, with high integration and good reliability. The optimized PID control algorithm realizes the full digital control of torque, speed and position accuracy, with high precision and fast response. Rich digital and analog interfaces, position feedback pulse frequency division and zero pulse widening output, can be matched with a variety of upper control devices.

            • High overload performance

              Industrial grade power module with strong overload capacity and large starting torque

            • High speed and high performance

              High-performance DSP+FPGA architecture, fast data processing and high integration

            • High-resolution feedback unit

              131072ppr high resolution encoder, high precision, good low speed performance

            • High-speed communication function

              Supports a variety of high-speed industrial fieldbuses to easily configure and monitor the servo

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