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            Precision, Intelligence, Advanced, Reliable

            Servo Motor

            Servo motors are divided into EMA motors and EMD motors. EMA motors are matched with 220V AC servo drives with a rated power range of 200w~7.5kw; EMD motors are matched with 380V AC servo drives with a rated power range of 3kw~106.8kw. The accessories of the motor can be equipped with brakes, oil seals, etc., or provide personalized configurations according to customer requirements.

            • Built-in torque ripple compensation function

              Built-in torque ripple compensation function, torque ripple < 0.5%

            • High protection level

              The protection level of the whole machine is IP65 (except for oil seals), and the high seismic design ensures the safety and durability of various working conditions

            • High performance, high seismic design

              Features such as high seismic design to ensure continuous operation of equipment, safety and durability

            • Encoder

              Absolute encoder 131072P/R, resolver, incremental encoder 2500P/R

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