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            Precision, Intelligence, Advanced, Reliable

            Matching Accessories

            Electrolux provides all kinds of servo and motor related accessories, with a complete range of accessories, including power supply, brake terminals, control wire connector terminals, communication wire terminals, waterproof terminals, braking resistors, motor power supply cables, encoder cables, A series of ancillary products such as battery boxes.

            • Easy to install

              Easy installation, strong versatility and complete varieties;

            • Simple maintenance

              Simple maintenance, wide application; strong durability (ambient temperature -10 to 40)

            • Good service

              We provide on-site service and off-site service according to the different problems reported by customers

            • Support customized

              According to customer needs, we also provide independent joint accessories or the whole independent custom-made

            • E-Mail:sa@elesy.cn
            • fax:0757-23276638

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