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            Application case of turning and milling compound lathe

            Publisher: ELESY    Time:2021-12-21 11:29:03

            Turn-milling compound machine tool is currently the most mature and popular compound machining method in the world. It does not simply combine the machining center and the CNC lathe, but has a more intelligent and advanced machining method. The turning-milling machine tool has the functions of five-axis linkage, turning, drilling and boring at the same time, which is simply a production line. It is not only a simple collection of machine tools, but also has many special inner loop functions, such as online measurement, online compensation, synchronous machining, vertical-horizontal conversion, etc. Special functions are realized thanks to the servo products equipped with Elias. These special features are where the true value of the mill-turn machine lies.

            The Elias AC servo system increases the resolution of the encoder to 20bit, greatly improves the control accuracy, and can meet the requirements of high-precision machining machine tools. And it provides high torque, which can meet the needs of high torque output equipment, so that the machined products can achieve the best results in terms of precision and smoothness.

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