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            CNC machine tool application case

            Publisher: ELESY    Time:2021-12-27 9:18:15

            CNC machine tools can better solve the problem of complex, precise, small batch, and multi-variety parts processing. It is a flexible and high-efficiency automatic machine tool, which represents the development direction of modern machine tool control technology. chemical products.

            In order to improve the performance of CNC machine tools, the feed application scheme for CNC machine tools equipped with Electrolux AC servo system has the following characteristics:

            (1) High precision: ensure the quality of parts processing and improve efficiency, and ensure the positioning accuracy and processing accuracy of CNC machine tools. Realize that high positioning accuracy is required in position control, such as 5μm, 1μm, etc.; while in speed control, high speed regulation accuracy and strong anti-load disturbance capability are required, that is, static and dynamic speed drop is required. Possibly small.

            (2) Fast response: To ensure the contour cutting shape accuracy and the machining surface roughness, in addition to ensuring high positioning accuracy, it also ensures that the system has good fast response characteristics, that is, to ensure that the response of the tracking command signal is fast, and the position tracking error (position tracking accuracy) is smaller.

            (3) Wide speed regulation range: For CNC machine tools, the feed servo system ensures that it can work normally under the wide speed regulation range of 0 ~ 24m/min.

            (4) High torque at low speed: According to the machining characteristics of machine tools, when heavy cutting is performed at low speed, the feed servo system ensures a large torque output.

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