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            Application case of machining center

            Publisher: ELESY    Time:2021-12-27 9:45:36

            CNC machining center is a high-efficiency automatic machine tool composed of mechanical equipment and CNC system suitable for processing complex parts. CNC machining center is one of the most productive and widely used CNC machine tools in the world. Its comprehensive processing ability is strong, the workpiece can complete more processing content after one clamping, and the processing accuracy is high. For batch workpieces with moderate processing difficulty, its efficiency is 5 to 10 times that of ordinary equipment, especially it can complete The processing that cannot be completed by many ordinary equipment is more suitable for single-piece processing with complex shapes and high precision requirements or multi-variety production in small and medium batches.

            The Elise servo motor is one of the very important core components in the machining center machine tool. Many people may not understand its function. The servo motor is used in conjunction with the servo driver. The movement of the servo motor controls the X of the CNC machining center machine tool. , Y, Z three-axis operation, and these instructions of the servo motor are sent to the servo driver through the CNC system, and then the servo driver sends the instructions to the servo motor to control the XYZ three-axis to realize the function of three-axis linkage.

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