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            Application case of high-speed rapier loom

            Publisher: ELESY    Time:2021-12-27 10:07:04

            The high-speed rapier loom is the mainstream machine in the loom. It has the advantages of high speed, stability and good variety adaptability. It is the first choice for weaving various grades of clothing fabrics and other grey fabrics. The rapier loom was once ahead of other looms due to its good variety adaptability and relatively low price. It is widely used in yarn-dyed, towel quilt, silk weaving, wool weaving, linen weaving and other industries. It is the most versatile. It has developed into a shuttleless loom with a wide range of uses and a large number of models for weaving medium and small batches of colored fabrics.

            Using Eles servo products for raising, the hair degree of each weft can be set to realize the standardization, digitization of hair height control, wavy hair, sawtooth hair, high and low hair, three-dimensional hair, 3-7 wefts/hair, etc. Any hair shape can be infinitely changed.

            Using Elise servo products for winding, each weft and weft density can be set, and synchronous weaving with variable weft density is supported. Using electronic let-off, the response is sensitive and the tension is stable.

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