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            Application case of CNC computerized quilting machine

            Publisher: ELESY    Time:2021-12-27 10:10:41

            At present, the requirements of CNC computerized quilting machines are getting higher and higher. CNC computerized quilting machines can no longer stay in the simple operation and inconvenient interface under DOS, especially in the single function of quilting and drawing, and the control of stepper motor. It also cannot meet the precision requirements of quilted fabrics. Based on the CNC servo computer quilting system under Windows, it can fundamentally improve the speed and convenience of graphic editing, and the control based on the servo motor can make up for the stepper motor control out-of-step and meet the requirements of high-speed intermittent feed, so that the quilting The fabric quilted and embroidered by the sewing machine is more precise and the speed can be greatly improved.

            The CNC servo computer quilting machine equipped with Elise AC servo system has the following features:

            ● Independent flower-shaped spaced quilting function;
            ● Pattern compensation function can effectively solve the problem of pattern deformation caused by thickening of quilting materials;
            ● Left and right limit overtravel stop function;
            ● Automatic needle raising and positioning braking system;
            ● Hand feeling close to infrared sensor shutdown function;
            ● Continuous quilting and intermittent quilting control mode, seamless switching between two control modes;
            ● There are two functions of saving patterns in database and external file.
            ● wait

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