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            Application case of injection molding machinery

            Publisher: ELESY    Time:2021-12-27 10:17:11

            Hydraulic drive technology is currently the most widely used drive control method for injection molding machines, from quantitative pump systems, to proportional variable pump systems, and then to closed-loop proportional variable pump systems. Today's servo motor driven hydraulic pump system re-innovates the hydraulic drive technology of injection molding machines.

            Electrolux AC servo system has the advantages of high response, energy saving, low noise, high control accuracy, etc. The hydraulic drive technology has the advantages of mature control technology, long life, long transmission distance, and easy maintenance with low cost. The servo motor drives the oil pump The perfect combination of electric and hydraulic drive technology is realized, so that the power output of the drive system is highly consistent with the machine load demand, and the power loss is greatly reduced.

            The injection molding machine equipped with the Electroless AC servo system can save 20%--80% energy than the ordinary injection molding machine, and the energy saving effect is close to that of the all-electric injection molding machine. Due to the high response frequency of the servo pump and the closed-loop control method, the injection molding machine can obtain extremely high repeatability. The injection molding machine equipped with the Elec AC servo system is suitable for the production of products with various precision requirements.

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