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            Extrusion Machinery Application Case

            Publisher: ELESY    Time:2021-12-27 10:19:15

            Extrusion molding is one of the important molding methods for plastic molding. Most thermoplastics can be processed by this method. Compared with other molding methods, extrusion molding has the following characteristics: the production process is continuous, the production efficiency is high, and the application range is wide. It can produce pipes, rods, sheets, and films. , monofilament, wire, cable, profiled material and hollow products, etc.; less investment and quicker returns. Extruded products can be widely used in people's daily life and industrial sectors such as agriculture, construction, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, and national defense. However, most of the extruders currently used in my country adopt traditional structures, which are complex in structure, large in size and high in energy consumption, and have become a veritable "electric tiger". Sustainable development has become the focus of attention in all walks of life.

            The AC servo motor drive system developed by Elias is applied to the extruder, which realizes precise extrusion and energy saving. Transmission system: (AC servo motor + AC servo controller) + screw. Its advantages are: simple structure, small volume, convenient installation and maintenance. No gear box, greatly reduced noise, no oil leakage, improved working environment. It adopts PLC+servo controller control to realize stepless speed change, precise control of extrusion speed and extrusion volume, and meet the molding requirements of extrusion molding plastic products with complex cross-sectional shape and high process requirements. The transmission efficiency is high, and the energy consumption is greatly reduced.

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