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            Application case of joint manipulator

            Publisher: ELESY    Time:2021-12-27 10:33:08

            The multi-joint intelligent robot is a high-tech automation equipment integrating multi-disciplinary advanced technologies such as precision machinery, microelectronics, automatic control, computer technology, precision sensors, machine vision, artificial intelligence, etc. It can meet the requirements of palletizing, handling, loading and unloading, automatic Welding (spot welding, arc welding), automatic spraying, polishing, laser cutting, packaging, sorting, assembly and other operations requirements. In addition to the efficient replacement of manual operations by multi-joint intelligent robots, multi-joint intelligent robots are irreplaceable automated production equipment for some dangerous special types of work. Therefore, based on various considerations such as improving production efficiency, reducing labor costs, stabilizing product quality, and enhancing corporate competitiveness, the use of multi-joint intelligent robots for automated production integrated equipment is an indispensable and wise choice for advanced manufacturing enterprises.

            Servo drive is the most commonly used driving method for manipulators. The features of Elias servo drive products are convenient power supply, fast response, large driving force (the weight of the joint type has reached 400kg), signal detection, transmission and processing are convenient, and a variety of flexible control schemes can be adopted. Due to the high speed of the motor, a reduction mechanism (such as harmonic drive, RV cycloid drive, gear drive, screw drive and multi-bar mechanism, etc.) is usually used. Some robots have begun to use high-torque, low-speed motors without reduction mechanisms for direct drive (DD), which can not only simplify the mechanism, but also improve the control accuracy.

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