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            Application case of injection manipulator

            Publisher: ELESY    Time:2021-12-27 10:37:30

            Nowadays, the application of mechanical automation machines is very extensive. In the field of discrete manufacturing, mechanical automation machines are mostly involved in the manufacturing process; injection molding robots, in order to see industrial mechanical automation machines in more and more fields in the future. The variable program feature of the machine applied to the automation of the injection molding robot can help many enterprises solve the automation problems in multi-variety, mass production or mixed-flow production, and realize the concept of programmed artificial "flexible production". Moreover, the automation of injection molding robots can ensure the stability, uniformity and consistency of product quality, save materials and energy, and improve the competitiveness of products. In addition, robot automation can also be used to work in high temperature, noise, dust, toxic, radiation, and dangerous environments, to ensure that enterprises are difficult to operate in terms of employment, and to perform some monotonous or repetitive work to make up for the shortage of manual labor. Therefore, the development of injection molding robots in the industry can bring more services.

            The X, Y, and Z axes of the injection molding machine manipulator are fully servo driven by Elias, and are driven by precision synchronous belts. The repeatability of the whole machine is within ±0.05mm. The embedding of the inserts also enables precise stacking in the working area of the out-of-mold manipulator. With high-precision linear slide and imported steel belt drive, it has fast speed, low noise and accurate positioning.

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