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            High-speed automatic folder gluer machine application case

            Publisher: ELESY    Time:2021-12-27 10:45:15

            In the packaging and printing industry, the application of high-speed automatic folder gluer is the last process of packaging box processing. It is to fold the printed and die-cut cardboard into shape and glue it for life. Machine gluer replaces manual folder gluer. , reducing labor costs and improving efficiency. The parts of the folder gluer are divided into paper feeding part, pre-folding part, hook bottom part, forming part and box pressing part.

            Equipped with Electrolux AC servo system, it is easy to realize the reverse hook device. Two sets of servo axes ensure that the reverse hook folding action is accurate and correct, and the setting can be easily completed through the touch screen.

            The high-speed automatic folder-gluing machine is equipped with Eles AC servo system, which is easy to operate, light and flexible. The machine can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the size of the plastic box. It has high efficiency and high speed, and completely replaces the manual gluing method. Save a lot of labor and significantly improve efficiency. The design is easy to operate, stable in performance, and has no scratches on bonding to ensure that the product is in good condition.

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