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            Glass machinery industry application

            Publisher: ELESY    Time:2021-12-27 10:49:28

            The new CNC four-sided linear glass edging machine adopts CNC multi-axis synchronous transmission system, synchronous high-speed opening and closing dimensional positioning, L-shaped placement, small footprint, and completes four-sided glass grinding and polishing at one time, and repairing safety corners , cleaning and other functions. The processing size is accurate, the diagonal error is controlled within ±0.5mm, the balance error is controlled within ±0.1mm, the polishing is perfect, manpower saving, and it can solve the scratches caused by the previous glass storage process for many times. It operates efficiently and improves the finished product. Rate.

            The equipment adopts high-precision transmission of multiple sets of servo motors of CNC multi-axis synchronous drive servo system, Ethernet bus control mode, touch-screen computer screen data setting, glass size positioning, glass transportation speed, glass thickness adjustment, glass pouring The angular width is set to accurate data on the touch-screen computer screen, and it runs synchronously with one key. Whether it is from 2mm ultra-thin to 32mm ultra-thick, it can provide accurate solutions, which truly reflects the true meaning of stable performance and automated and efficient production.

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