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            Ceramic machinery industry application

            Publisher: ELESY    Time:2021-12-27 11:04:32

            The intelligent grading brick machine is a new generation of high-quality brick automatic brick picking machine products, which is specially designed for ceramic tiles in ceramic enterprises.

            Equipped with Elise Servo System Features:

            1. It can fully meet the requirements of a ceramic factory where the brick body is upright and the north is staggered, and the bricks are stacked in different colors.
            2. It breaks the design idea of traditional brick picking machine and adopts the movement method of simulating artificial arm picking bricks. The whole machine has reliable and stable performance, high efficiency and energy saving, and is convenient and fast.
            3. Picking up bricks, flipping the brick surface, placing bricks with precise positioning, and converting work specifications is extremely simple, convenient and fast.
            4. Cooperate with PLC control to realize intelligent control through touchable display screen display.

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