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            Application of Servo System in Computerized Embroidery Machine

            Publisher: ELESY    Time:2021-12-27 11:49:03

            The computerized embroidery machine is the most advanced embroidery machine at present. It can realize the high speed and high efficiency of traditional manual embroidery, and can also realize the "multi-level, multi-functional, unified and perfect" that cannot be achieved by manual embroidery. Requirements, it is a kind of electromechanical product that reflects a variety of high-tech.
            In the past, the market of embroidery machines in my country was monopolized by Japanese machines, and domestically produced machines were hardly seen. The quality has been greatly improved, the performance is stable, and the price is lower than that of foreign brands, and the cost-effective advantage is more obvious. Embroidery machines used to basically all use Japanese brand servo motors. Now Guangdong Yilais Motor Co., Ltd. has also launched a high-performance servo system for computerized embroidery machines, and has achieved very successful application cases in customers.
            1. The main components of the embroidery machine system
            1. Computer control system: CNC
            2. Frame moving system: Two sets of servo motors drive the cloth frame to move horizontally and vertically on the horizontal plane, and embroider various patterns up and down with the needle.
            3. Spindle system: the spindle drives the needle movement

            2. Explain the working principle of the embroidery machine from the customer's application
            Here we introduce the embroidery machine of one of our customers to illustrate the principle of this type of embroidery machine, the customer changed from stepper motor to servo motor.

            The working principle of the embroidery machine:
            Generally, an embroidery machine uses three motors: the main shaft, the D-axis, and the H-axis.
            The main shaft always rotates in one direction, and the needle moves up and down through the mechanical cam mechanism. The D axis is used to adjust the direction of the needle tip to ensure that the needle tip is adjusted every time it goes up and down. The H-axis is used for color changing and winding. A positioning pin is used to automatically switch between color changing and winding. When winding, the axis ensures that the feeding direction is perpendicular to the direction of the gap on the needle tip to facilitate hooking. Action once.

            Embroidery machine selection requirements:
            The transmission load of the main shaft mechanical system of the embroidery machine should match the output power of the main shaft drive motor. If the motor output power is less than the main shaft transmission load, it will directly affect the stopping accuracy, running stability and embroidery effect of the whole machine. Therefore, when the user selects the type of spindle motor (such as servo, slip, variable frequency motor), the output power of the motor, and the transmission inertia of the motor, it is required to fully analyze the transmission characteristics of the spindle system, and calculate the transmission inertia of the spindle transmission system, the maximum load Torque, in the case of leaving a certain margin, select the appropriate spindle motor.

            The main defects of the stepper motor used by the customer before: low machining accuracy, high noise, low overload capacity, resulting in failure, or even lock up during operation, loss of use function. However, the application of Elise servo motor in embroidery machine completely solves these drawbacks.

            We choose our company's ESDB series servo motor as the main shaft motor for the customer's embroidery machine, and the ESDA series servo motor as the D axis and H axis control motor.

            Because the 24-needle embroidery machine needs a large torque, the spindle servo system we choose for the customer is Electrolux ESDB+130EMA-075BE (7.5Nm, 2500rmp); the 12-pin embroidery machine uses a higher torque. Therefore, the spindle servo system we choose for customers is Electrolux ESDB+130EMA-060BE (6N.m, 2500rmp); on the D/H axis, in order to increase the processing speed, mechanical response speed and control accuracy of the embroidery machine, We changed the original stepper motor to Electrolux ESDA+60EMA-013AP (1.3Nm, 3000rmp).

            The application of ELESY servo system in embroidery machine can greatly improve the embroidery precision of the embroidery machine, increase the processing speed, shorten the processing time, effectively improve the work efficiency, and thus improve the overall economy of the embroidery machine manufacturer. efficiency and improve the competitiveness of the machine in the market.

            Third, the characteristics of the AC servo system drive of Elise
            1. The ESDA/ESDB system is mainly based on AC servo motors, and the control loop adopts a high-speed digital signal processor (DSP), which can complete various complex control operations at high speed and high precision;
            2. The use of mandatory software control technology makes the low-speed characteristics of the servo motor better;
            3. The design of command smoothing function, software analysis and monitoring make the AC servo of ESDA/ESDB system truly achieve high performance, high response, high precision and high reliability;
            4. The design of the connotative position controller is more conducive to the control scheme with lower construction cost;
            5. The use of communication function RS232/RS485 makes our servo drive easier to operate.

            4. Summary
            With the improvement of the production capacity of domestic embroidery machine manufacturers, the competition in the embroidery machine market will become more intense. Guangdong Yilais Motor Co., Ltd. will be more favored by embroidery machine manufacturers with its excellent performance and competitive price, and will create a new situation in the textile industry.

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