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            Create the future together with us!


            Specific requirements:Position: Sales Engineer
            Recruitment majors: automation, electronic and communication engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, etc.
            Off professional.
            Recruitment requirements: 1. College degree or above. under the age of 40.
            2. Possess initiative, thirst for knowledge and good learning ability.
            3. Good language expression and communication skills
            4. C1 driver's license or more than 1 year sales experience is preferred.

            Salary Profile:
            1. Working hours: 8:00-12:00; 14:00-17:30, Large and small week working system, 7.5 hours a day.
            2. Provide accommodation.
            3. Purchase social insurance.
            4. Enjoy national statutory paid holidays (holidays, annual leave, maternity leave, marriage leave, etc.) in accordance with the law.
            5. According to the job category, enjoy subsidies for house purchase, car purchase, accommodation, transportation, communication, etc.
            6. Organize all employees to travel every year.
            7. Regularly organize a number of cultural, sports and entertainment activities.
            8. Enjoy on-the-job, pre-job, regular and other training, and there is a lot of room for learning and growth.

            Contact information: 
            Guangdong Eles Motor Co., Ltd.
            Address: No. 3, Xinbao West Road, Science and Technology Park, Shunde High-tech Zone (Ronggui), Foshan City, Guangdong Province
            Contact: Miss Xiao Tel: 0757-28391888 Email: AD@elesy.cn Website: www.iib-report.com
            • E-Mail:sa@elesy.cn
            • fax:0757-23276638

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