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            Precision, Intelligence, Advanced, Reliable


            Servo Driver
            Service Hotline:


            Detailed Description

            • Technical parameter
              ES2 Series Model
              Rated Current Output 21A
              Power Supply Three-phase 380V/AC
              Type of cooling
              Forced air cooling
              Mode of Main Loop Control SVPWM control
              Feedback Resistor External
              Operating Environment
              Temperature Working environment temperature:-10°℃~40°C(If ambient temperature ranges from40°C~50°C , please de-rate for use)(no frozing)
              Storage temperature:-20°C~85°C ( no frozing )
              Humidity Less than90%,no condensation
              Level of Protection IP20
              Altitude < 1000m(if the altitude is over 1000m,please de-rate for use)
              Vibration ≤0.6G ( 5.9m/s2 ) 10-60Hz discontinuous operation
              Position Control Mode Pulse Command Mode Pluse+symbol;
              Plase A+Plase B;
              CCW pulse+CW pulse
              Max Output Pulse Frequency Pluse+symbol:500Kpps
              ccw pulse+Cw pulse:500Kpps
              Plase A+Plase B : single phase 50OKpps;
              Open collector transmission:200Kpps
              Command Smoothing Mode Low pass and curve smoothing filtering
              Electronic Gear Ratio Electronic gear ratio:N/M(N:1~2147483647/M:1~21474836470)
              Torque-speed Limit Parameter setting mode
              Speed Control Mode Analog Comm and Input VoltageScope -10V~+10V
              Resolution 12-bit
              Input Resistance 1MΩ
              Time Constant 25us
              Scope of Speed Control
              Command Conteol Mode Exterral analog command control/intermal resister control
              Command Smoothing Mode Low pass and smoothing filtering;s curve smoothing filtering
              Torque-speed Limit Parameter setting mode or analog input
              Bandwidth MAX.1.2k Hz(closed loop)
              Torque Control Mode Analog Command Input voltage Scope -10V~+10v
              Resolution 12-bit
              Input Resistande 1MΩ
              Time Constant 25us
              Command Control Mode Exterral analog command control/intermal resister control
              Command Smoothing Mode
              Low pass and smoothing filtering
              Speed Limit Parameter setting mode/analogy input
              Digital Input 1、Servo enabled
              2、Alarm Reset
              3、Forward Limit Restrictions
              4、Reverse Limit Restrictions
              5、Pulse Command Suppression
              6、Zero Speed
              7、Deviation reset
              8、External Torque- speed Limit
              9、Control Mode switch
              10、Gain Switching1
              11、Gain Switching2
              14、Internal Speed Selectl
              15、Internal Speed Select2
              17、Electronic Cam Toothing
              20、Internal Torque- speed Select
              21、Internal Torque-speed Select2
              24、Electronic Gear Ratio Select1
              25、Electronic Gear Ratio Select2
              26、Speed Command DirectionSelec1
              27、Speed Command Direction Select2
              28、Speed Command Direction Reverse
              29、Emergency Sto
              32、Original-point Regression Initiate
              33、Original-point Regression Reference Point
              36、Start Signal for InternalPosition Running
              37、Motor Pause
              38、nternal Position Select0
              39、Internal Position select1
              40、Internal Position Select2
              41、Internal Position Select3
              42、Internal Position Select4
              44、 Full-dosed Internal/External Encoder Switching
              45、 Full-closed Internal /External Encode Error Reset
              53、Forward Limit restrictions
              54、Reverse Limit Restrictions
              55、Event-triggered Command
              Output 1、Servo Ready
              2、Alarm Output
              3、Positioning Finish
              4、Electromagnetic Braking
              5、Speed Achieve
              6、Torque Achieve
              7、2ero- speed Signal
              8、Original-point Regression Finish
              10、Speed Limit
              11、Alarm Output
              12、Cam Speed Output

              13、 Internal Position CommandFinish
              14、Internal Position Command Output Abnormal
              15、Forward Software Limit
              16、 Reverse Software Limit
              17、Scope of Positioning Surrounding Signals
              18、Scope of Original-point Signals
              19、Bolt-lock Signal Valid
              20、Capture Finish
              21、 Completion Of Absolute System Coordinate settin

              Protection Function Input /output phase lossprotection, over-speed, over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-heating,abnormal braking over-load, posi tion ultra-error, abnormal encoder, etc.
              Communication Function RS-485/USB


              1、 TN System: the neutral point is directly connected to the earth in the electric power system and the exposed metal parts will be connected to the earth via the protective grounding conductor.

              2、 Single -phase three-wire electric power system is used for the single-phase power supply models.

              Model unit W H D W1 H1 H2 SCREW
              ES2-021T mm 123 250 210 108 238 273 4-M5
              ● Driver Interface Diagram
            • E-Mail:sa@elesy.cn
            • fax:0757-23276638

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