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            Precision, Intelligence, Advanced, Reliable


            CNC system
            Product Description:

            E3TA series products are the newly developed lathe control system of Guangdong Yilais Electric Co., Ltd. This series of products is based on the ARM+DSP dual-core hardware architecture, which can be connected to the servo drive unit through the industrial Ethernet bus and M3 bus; the system can control up to 4 feed axes and 1 servo spindle; it can achieve 1ms high-speed interpolation, 0.1um High control accuracy, and supports U disk file operation and system update functions. It can provide users with a stable, reliable, high-efficiency, high-quality, and cost-effective turning control solution.
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            Detailed Description

            • Technical parameter


              ●  800MHz industrial-grade CPU + industrial-grade coprocessor architecture, built-in multiple circuit protection mechanisms;

              ●  0.1um control accuracy, maximum moving speed 60m/min;

              ●  Support linear and S-type acceleration and deceleration methods;

              ●  Advanced multi-stage smooth transfer algorithm, stable operation and high efficiency;

              ●  5 pulse axis control channels, can control up to 4 feed axes + 1 servo spindle;

              ●  2-way -10V~10V voltage output, support dual-spindle control;

              ●  512MB large storage space, support Chinese file name, support USB and network data transmission, support instant power-off data storage;

              ●  Graphical simulation, handwheel simulation, support single-step debugging and handwheel simulation rollback;

              ●  Built-in open PLC, support real-time status monitoring, online editing;

              ●  Support lock and renewal functions;

              ●  The IO board comes standard with 16I/16O, which can be extended to 32I/32O, and supports external hand-held handwheels;

              ●  Simplified Chinese display, the processing information is clear and clear;

              ●  Support virtual keyboard function, which is convenient for users to process;

              ●  It comes with help pages for each module, which is convenient for users to query at any time.

              Model Description
              System Components
              Equipped with a variety of operation panels, suitable for various specifications of machine tools
              CNC host + standard size operation panel
              (E3TA-PS + EOP-4020TA)
              CNC host + compact operation panel
              (E3TA-PI + EOP-4011TA)
              Multi-stage smooth transfer function
              The system pre-reads the data for speed and trajectory planning, and uses a smooth trajectory to fit the line segment connection position according to the allowable error parameters. While increasing the corner speed, it reduces the speed jump of the line segment connection point, thereby improving the processing efficiency and effective. The generation of junction lines is inhibited.
              Handwheel simulation function
              Figure 1: Shake the handwheel clockwise, the tool feeds forward along the program path; Figure 2: Shake the handwheel counterclockwise, the tool retracts in the reverse direction along the program path.
              Humanized interface design, intuitive and easy to operate
              The display layout of the page is clear and the content is comprehensive. You can understand the running status of the machine tool without switching pages.
              Full Chinese parameter description, support parameter search, support user-defined parameter grouping
              Open PLC editor, with custom M code to quickly realize custom functions
              Easy-to-use PLC editing software, all IO points can be edited, to achieve fast and convenient expansion functions
              PLC ladder diagram real-time status display, support quick search
              Model E3TA
              Control axis Number of control axes: 5 axes (X, Y, Z, 4th, SP); Number of linkage axes: 4 axes;
              Minimum command unit: 0.0001mm; position command range: -9999.999~9999.999mm
              Electronic gear: instruction multiplication factor; 1~9999; instruction frequency division factor: 1~9999
              Interface signal: pulse + direction output, suitable for digital AC servo unit
              Feed axis function Fast moving speed: up to 60m/min; fast moving magnification: 0100% ten-level real-time adjustment
              Feed rate: Feed rate: 0~150% Sixteen-level real-time adjustment
              Handwheel feed: ×1, ×10, ×100 three gears;
              Interpolation method: linear interpolation, circular interpolation, thread interpolation, elliptical interpolation, parabolic interpolation, etc.
              Automatic chamfering function
              Thread function Can process single/multiple metric inch straight thread, taper thread, face thread
              The length and angle of thread retraction can be set, and the speed of retraction is processed
              Thread pitch: 0.01~500mm or 0.06~2540 teeth/inch
              Acceleration and deceleration function Acceleration and deceleration: linear acceleration and deceleration, S-shaped acceleration and deceleration, maximum speed, jerk and acceleration and deceleration time are set by parameters
              Spindle function 2-way -10V~10V analog power, voltage output, support four-speed spindle mechanical gear
              Equipped with spindle position control, speed control and pulse-type rotating spindle control
              Spindle encoder: The number of encoder lines can be set from 100 to 999999p/r
              Encoder to spindle gear ratio: 1~255
              Spindle speed range: O9999RPM; Spindle override: 50% 120% a total of 8 levels of real-time adjustment
              With spindle constant surface speed control
              Flexible tapping, rigid tapping
              Tool function Tool compensation function: tool offset compensation; tool nose radius compensation (C type); tool wear compensation; tool life management
              Tool setting method: fixed point tool setting, trial cutting tool setting, return to reference point tool setting
              Tool offset execution mode: modify coordinate mode, tool movement mode
              Accuracy compensation X-axis/Z-axis backlash compensation: -9999.999 ~ 9999.999mm
              PLC function Two-level PLC program; average processing time of basic instructions <1.5us
              Program capacity: 4700 steps; 1st level program cycle 4ms
              Can observe PLC running status online; support PLC warning and PLC alarm
              Number of instructions: 45 (including 10 basic instructions and 35 functional instructions)
              HMI 8.4-inch digital true color widescreen LCD, resolution 800×600
              Display mode: Chinese characters, graphics
              2D tool path display (graphical simulation page)
              Real Time Clock
              Operation management Operation panel: combined panel
              How the system works:
              Auto, MDI, zero return, handwheel, manual, jog, handwheel, single-segment running, selection stop, selection jump, handwheel simulation
              Multi-level operation authority: with multi-level authority such as operator, dispatcher, machine tool factory, etc.
              Alarm log
              Program editor Program capacity: 512M, 400 programs (including subprograms); subprogram calls; support 10 nestings
              Program format: ISO code, supports relative coordinate, absolute coordinate and mixed coordinate programming
              Editing mode: full-screen editing is optional;
              Program/block/word search, modify, delete, copy, paste, cut, undo
              G command 49 G commands:
              Modeless group:G09 G28 G29 G50G52G53G61 G64 G70 G71 G72 G73G74 G75 G76
              Sports group:G00 Go1 G02G03 G04 G32G90 G92 G94
              Other groups:G17G18G19 G20 G21G40 G41G42G54 G55 G56 G57 G58 G59 G80 G83 G84 G85 G87 G88 G89 G96G97 G98 G99
              Accessibility M code instructions∶
              M00 M01 M02 M03 M04 M08 M09 M10 M11 M19 M20 M29 M30 M41 M42 M43 M44 M45 M46 M47 M48 M49 M98 M99
              M code can be customized by parameters
              Communication function 2-way Ethernet interface for real-time program update
              1 channel of each RS232/RS485 interface, real-time background monitoring and data interaction
              1-way USB interface, can realize U disk file reading and writing, system backup
              Security emergency stop;
              Hardware stroke limit; software stroke check;
              Servo alarm detection; spindle alarm detection;
              Tool holder locking detection, protective door detection, chuck detection
              Other Standard I/O Interface:
              Input (support PNP, NPN input): 16 points; output: 16 points, relay output
              Handwheel interface: 1 channel (A/B), support hand-held handwheel box
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