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            Precision, Intelligence, Advanced, Reliable

            AC Servo System Functions
            • ? To meet diversified command and control mode

              ● Position / speed / torque control mode;
              ● Mixed control mode: position / speed, speed / torque, position /torque control mode;
              ● Command source selection: internal / external position command,internal / analog speed command; internal/analog torque command.
              ● Analog torque limit / analog speed limit
              ● Multiple sets of electronic gear ratios are switched.
              ● Examples of application: feeder, film splitter, coiler, packaging machinery,printing machinery, embroidery machinery, winding machine and lasercutting machinery.

            • ? Full-closed Control Functions

              ● To support external encoder and grating scale (A, B,Z format)
              ● To reduce the impact of mechanical slipping and transmission back clearance and ensure the positioning accuracy of mechanical terminals
              ● Examples of application: CNC machine tools, feeding machine, etc.

            • ? Gain Adjustment and Vibration Suppression

              ● Multiple sets of gain selection and gain switching function
              ● Position feed forward and speed feed forward function can significantly reduce tracking error.
              ● Load inertia ratio setting, online identification function and simplified gain adjustment.
              ● The wave trap function eliminates vibration and abnormal noise caused by mechanical resonance.

            • ? Electronic Cam

              ● The cam curve data can reach 720 points.
              ● The cubic curve is interpolated by software between two adjacent points,and the number of points does not affect the smoothness of the operation.
              ● To support flying shear, chasing shear and customize curve planning
              ● Easy to use ELESY Soft software to make planning and setting
              ● The driver has the macros for built-in flying shear and chasing shear to directly adjust and re-plan the curve.

            • ? Gantry Synchronization

              ● The gantry-type mechanism can be driven by double shaft and the driver can synchronize its position automatically.
              ● When the deviation of synchronized position exceeds the set value, the driver will give an alarm and stop running.
              ● The servo system computer sends pulse commands to two drivers simultaneously.
              ● Via cross connection of position feedback pulse signals from two drivers, the motor running speed is adjusted in real time to synchronize the positions of two shafts.

            • ? Built-in motion control function

              ● To provide a 32-segment path for the user to make the planning flexible.
              ● Route types include: zero return, constant speed control, positioning control,modification parameters, and jump path.
              ● Position control support: absolute positioning, relative positioning,incremental positioning, CAP capture positioning.
              ● Multi-stage acceleration /deceleration time, delay time and target speedare optional.
              ● It is convenient to use with the adoption of position control
              ● Multiple trigger modes: software trigger, CNTR signal trigger,EV1/2/3/4 event trigger (jump edge optional).
              ● The graphical setting operation is made via ELESY Soft software and easy for setup.

            • ? Communication and field bus functions

              ● With the built-in RS-485 interface, support MODBUS communication protocol.
              ● To support MECHATROLINK- II / III bus communication protocol.
              ● To support CANopen bus communication protocol, support CiA-301,DSP-402 sub-protocol.
              ● To support EtherCAT bus communication and IEC61800-7(CZA402)-CANopenmotion control sub-protocol is adopted for the application layer.
              ● With the corresponding servo system controller,such as CNC numerical control system, PLC, controller, etc., multiple servo drivers can be networked.

            • ? ELESY Soft servo control PC software

              ● To support communications with the driver through RS-485 or USB;plug and play, easy to connect.
              ● The parameter editor allows the user to view the modified servo parametersin real time and provide and provide information such as parameter descriptionand setting range; import support and export the user parameter tables, whichcan conveniently configure servo drivers in batches.
              ● The oscilloscope supports 4-channel data acquisition with a refresh rate of 1 kHz,
              ● The user can monitor the servo running waveform, to scale, measure, import, andexport the waveform data.
              ● The IO controller can directly select terminal logic and the function to look at thestatus of the terminals in real time.
              ● Graphical settings is used for motion control and electronic cam function.
              ● Easy to configure and debug related functions.
              ● In addition, it also provides functions such as gain adjustment, parametermonitoring and alarm information.

            • ? Energy-saving function (specifications for ES2-021and above )

              ● The driver can share the DC bus and the energy is fully utilizedso that the device is more energy- efficient;
              ● To reduce the quantity of braking resistors,power requirementsand the cost of accessories.
              ● Cases of Application: printing equipment, textile equipmentand unwinder / rewinder

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